About MNAC

Myanmar Natural Arts & Crafts

Being one of the famous Myanmar Crafts, the rattan ware plays an essential part in Myanmar’s Culture. Myanmar Natural Arts & Crafts is a company based in Myanmar specializing in producing handmade Myanmar natural crafts out of rattan and bamboo. Our company was first established in 2015 when we started selling our Myanmar rattan products abroad. Our rattan products are colorful, elegant, long-lasting, and sustainable and are at very reasonable prices. Our company offers a diverse range of handmade rattan products including kitchen & office utensils, home décor objects, laundry baskets, storage bins and baskets. We export our products to many countries over the world including but not limited to United States of America, Canada, European Countries, Uruguay, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Our founder, Daw Ei Ei Htwe, has been in this Myanmar Natural Crafts Industry since 1996. She has built up good relationships in different cultural and economic contexts with many customers in overseas markets over the last two decades. Her extensive experience and knowledge give our company an advantage, letting us hold our ground against our rivals in this competitive rattan craft industry. We intend to make our products even more diverse in both design and purpose and at the same time, keep the simplicity of Myanmar rattan craft.

Our Motto

To Serve the Best Service

We work. Over the last two decades, we built trusted relationships with buyers from all over the world. Our teams were able to learn how to do business with success in different cultural and economic contexts.

Our Vision

To show the world the beauty of Myanmar Rattan Craft

Our Mission

We are working on reducing poverty and unemployment in rural areas in Myanmar by creating job opportunities for villagers in the rattan industry. We are also finding ways to create better and improved weaving patterns, designs, and vibrant colors.