Manufacturing Process

1. Production the goods

The manufacturing process start in the villages for our products. The craftsmen and women begin the weaving process which transform the material to products by 100% handmade.

2. Coloring and painting

Coloring and painting are specialties in our factory for Rattan and Bamboo. Most of the products are available in wide variety of colors. We are able to use several color and create in some unique for each customer.

3. Drying & Quality Control

After finishing the coloring process, the products are placed sunshine or drying rooms in order to ensure dehumidifies products for several hours.

Every single item is a subject to final quality control at the end of the manufacturing process and are examined before in packaging

4. Labeling and packing

Style to wrap with paper or plastic in each item then to put in carton box. Moreover, packaging can be provided with personalized own logos, labels or barcodes which enables the customer to put the products directly on the distribution channel.